31 July 1967: Bravo

"I hate beautiful men"

Bravo: In Germany "The Avengers" are a huge success. There's nothing your fans don't know about you, unless we're talking about...


Bravo: Exactly. How did you know what I was going to ask?

Diana: Oh, I know men. I can sense when they're about to ask those kind of questions. I always think to myself "Watch out, Diana."

Bravo: Watch out? Why?

Diana: It's the subject; very hard to find the right answers.

Bravo: What's your ideal man? Do you have one?

Diana: Of course. Every woman has a certain type of men she dreams of, but she keeps it a secret.

Bravo: Would your man have to be a daredevil? Shy? Young...or do you like the famous grey temples?

Diana: He should be attractive. That's important. I'm not talking about outer appearance here. Some people think Jean Paul Belmondo is ugly, whereas I find him very attractive. Emotionally we're on the same wavelength. A woman has a feeling for that. I like his sense of humor, and that he isn't vain. He's brave enough to be himself. As for the age - It's not very important to me. It doesn't matter if his temples are grey or not.

Bravo: Would he have to be athletic? Buff?

Diana: There are more important things. If he has a few extra pounds, so what. If he's thin, that's ok, too. I don't like fat men, though. You know, the ones that are fat because they're lazy. Especially if they think they're irresistible. Most of the time those are the people who whistle when I walk past. I also hate musclemen and men that are vain - so exhausting.

Bravo: What about the hair? Short? Long...or is the color of his eyes more important?

Diana: No, none of that matters.

Bravo: Would he have to be a society man?

Diana: He shouldn't be a spoil-sport when we're in company. He should be able to entertain people without having to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol. He shouldn't put on a show when in public. I don't like people who put on a face when they're in company.

Bravo: How often should he tell you he loves you? Once a day? More often?

Diana: At the right time. Men should sense when a woman needs to hear it.

Bravo: Is it ok if he has weaknesses?

Diana: He has to have weaknesses. Men who claim that they don't weaknesses are insufferable. I know a lot of them say that. Most of them are uptight. A real man has to have weaknesses and be brave enough to admit it - that makes him more endearing to me.

Bravo: Imagine you've found the man of your dreams...

Diana: Wonderful!

Bravo: found him and you're living together. You're having breakfast with him - would you want him to read the newspaper or be there for you every minute?

Diana: I'd tell him not to take care of me every minute. If he wanted to read the newspaper he'd be free to do it. It would give me the chance to think about the best way to spend the day with him.

Bravo: Should he impress you all the time?

Diana: That would be the most boring thing he could think of! Horrible!

Bravo: ...but this is the man of your dreams! Shouldn't he at least be superior to you?

Diana: Typical! You men! Why in the world should he be superior to me? I think it would be lovely if he were a little vulnerable. It would be nice to see him making a fool of himself once in a while. That would make him more attractive to me. His intellect is something else. Every woman should know that not all men are intelligent. Some of them have the IQ of an orangutan and think they're very smart.

Bravo: Should he meet your wishes even if he doesn't approve of them?

Diana: No, he shouldn't. That would be inconsequent and I think I could do without those wishes.

Bravo: If he would have habits you didn't approve of, would he have to give them up for you?

Diana: That depends. He wouldn't have to give them up, if our habits went well together.

Bravo: Would you give him some space for himself?

Diana: Of course, as much space as he needed!

Bravo: Would you want the same from him?

Diana: Of course! We're not living in medieval times.

Bravo: What about jealousy?

Diana: Not good.

Bravo: What character traits are important to you?

Diana: First of all, intelligence. Generosity, tolerance and manners. Well-mannered people tend to have characteristics that come with being well-mannered - tolerance and adaptability.

Bravo: Did you forget to mention anything?

Diana: Yes, maybe discretion. He shouldn't be a blatherer. I don't like men who discuss their girlfriend's shortcomings with people that aren't involved.

Bravo: Imagine the following situation. The man of your dreams tells you about all the technicalities of the moon landing. When he's done, let's say after 2 hours, you tell him you didn't get what he was saying. What would you want his reaction to be?

Diana: He should take an atlas of the world and hit me over the head with it. After two hours! That's one of those situations where he shouldn't react any differently.

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