04 December 1967: Bravo

Emma Didn't Let Us Down

Cornelia Baumbauer, Munich: Do you like detective stories?

Diana: I read a lot, but no detective stories. I find other genres more interesting. Whenever I try to read detective stories, I fall asleep.

Ulrike Sandhaus, Berge: What do you think of Emma Peel?

Diana: That's a difficult question, because, on the one hand, the character Emma Peel is a part of me and a lot like the person Diana Rigg. On the other hand Emma Peel is what people imagine her to be like, and what the script writers want her to be like. I like that people like Emma Peel, but I would rather not share what all I think of her.

Michael Graeter, Munich: What do you think of charme, umbrellas and melons?

Diana: I don't have an umbrella. The best way to dry is to just wait. To me, uninhibited reactions are charming. I like melons, but not as a constant diet.

Karin Schmidt, Steigenhaus: How many pantsuits do you own?

Diana: I owned many once upon a time. I liked them because I thought of them as a means to express my freedom of youth and wore them whenever I got the chance. I don't have many of them today. I like anything that is either very short or very long. I'm especially fond of long fashion at the moment.

Gabi Kolodziey, Vaterstetten: What do you like to do in your free time, and what is your favorite food?

Diana: I love to travel. I don't like to sit at home alone. Like everyone else, I like to go to concerts, the theatre, the movie theatre and to exhibitions. As for your second question, I like the French Cuisine. All dishes that have a lot of garlic in them.

Sonja Hergert, Gerolstein/Eifel: Is you hair real? If it is, does it usually look the same as it does in 'The Avengers'?

Diana: Yes, my hair is real. Sometimes it looks the same as it does in the series, but not always. At home it's usually in a ponytail.

Sonja: Do you smoke?

Diana: Yes, I started smoking when I was 12 years old and never stopped.

Ingrid Kaltenberg, Köln-Braunfeld: Are you actually able to do karate?

Diana: I took classes for 2.5 years, but I'm not sure if I can do it. I think I'd have to be in a situation where I'd need to do it to see if I'm a karate champion.

Angelika Morasch, Lindau: When did you first kiss?

Diana: How old are you Angelika?

Angelika: 13 years old.

Diana: Have you kissed before?

Angelika: Once!

Diana: How old were you?

Angelika: 12!

Diana: Oh, I started way earlier. I kissed someone when I was 5. He was my brother's best friend. Since then nothing exciting has happened in my life.

Sybille Schmidt, Regensburg: When is your birthday?

Diana: July 20th. My zodiac sign is cancer. What's yours?

Sybille: Leo.

Diana: Yours is very close to mine then.

Christine Brinke, Krailling: Do you think people will like the new Emma Peel?

Diana: Have you seen pictures of the new Emma Peel yet?

Christine: Yeah, I've seen a couple.

Diana: Do you think people will like her?

Christine: I'm not sure. I certainly don't.

Diana: You shouldn't judge that fast. It's very difficult to take over someone else's role. I've experienced that myself. Wait until you see what she's doing, and then you can form an opinion.

Helmust Geist, Weierbach: What do you first notice when you meet a man?

Diana: I always notice the eyes first. If there's something behind them, if I see an opinion in them, then I'm interested in the person. If they're only like a mirror, a TV screen, or an empty album cover, I'm not interested.

Ingrid Koberstein, Dortmund: Do you really have a boyfriend?

Diana: I don't like answering that question. I do have a boyfriend, but I don't talk about him with anyone. Everything having to do with him is something between him and me, and it's private.

Werner Groth, Niederplein: Do you like talking to your fans?

Diana: I'm going to be honest. I don't like to talk to people over the phone. There's so much technology between the two people talking. I prefer talking to people in person. That goes for my fans, too. Unfortunately that's not possible, though.

Karina Hütter, Berlin: How old are you, and where do you live?

Diana: (She's covering the receiver and asks the interpreter: "Should I lie or tell the truth?" interpreter: "That's for you to decide!") Hello Karina, how old are you?

Karina: I'm 12.

Diana: I'm twice as old as you...well, add a little more. As for your question - I live in an apartment in London, and I have a house in the country. I like to spend time there.

Oskar Kleinberg, Munich: What do you think about James Dean? What kind of music do you like? How about soul?

Diana: James Dean was an idol of a generation - until his death. The new generations have different idols. I admire James Dean.

Oskar: As for my other question - do you like soul singers?

Diana: Yeah, yes, of course. I like them.

Ute Henkes, Bensheim: What was the reason you wanted to become an actress?

Diana: This question is difficult to answer. In a way it's very easy to become an actress, because - in London alone - hundreds of girls quit acting school every year. To be a real actress means to constantly grow as a person. If you sit down and tell yourself 'now I'm an actress', something is wrong. I call myself an actress, but only because I need a label to be recognized by in the world I'm living in. I know that - in the best case scenario - I can try to get a little closer to my goal of being an actress every day.

Monika Gaigl, München: What is your new movie called?

Diana: The movie is called 'The Assassination Bureau'. If you think it is a modern movie, you're wrong, though. It's set around the turn of the century, and we're shooting in London, Vienna and Paris.

Susanne Noll, Heidelberg: Why are you called Mrs. Peel in the series? Where is Mr. Peel?

Diana: In England, there are many people who are moralists. For them, it's not possible for a Ms. to spend time with a man. That's why I'm a Mrs. for these people. Personally I have a different opinion about that.

Claudia Jesnita, Hamburg: Have you ever been in a series before 'The Avengers'?

Diana: No. I had been doing theatre for 5 years before I started shooting the series. I think it's a mistake to do more than one series.

Monika Schlösser, Düsseldorf: Did you like playing Emma Peel?

Diana: I liked to play her, very much, and I learned a lot - especially about myself. It was a lot of work, but looking back I have great memories.

Maria Rittenmeier, Dankoltsweiler: How much fan mail do you get?

Diana: I've never counted them, but the production company told me that I get many fan letters, and my mailbox at home is always full, too. Some letters are very interesting, but in some of them I'm being asked for and about things, I can't really answer.

Marion Bräppler, Frankfurt-Griesheim: How many episodes with you as Emma will we still get to see?

Diana: I don't know how many episodes of 'The Avengers' they're going to show in Germany. I only know that the show will be on until May 1968.

Peter Decker, Hausen: What do you think about hippies?

Diana: What's most depressing about hippies is that everyone wants to be one nowadays; and what's the most depressing thing about the world is that everyone wants to be exactly like everyone else. The clothes hippies are wearing look like a uniform. It would be better if they had their own philosophy.

Jutta Metzenpin, Hannover: Are you planning on singing?

Diana: I only sing in my car. The engine is so loud, I can't hear myself.

Hermann Käsemeyer, Solingen: Which subjects were you good (and not so good) at in school?

Diana: Which subjects are you good at?

Hermann: History and Mathematics.

Diana: That was very different for me. I was good in English, and Mathematics was what I wasn't good at. I will make sure that I'll have someone to do Maths for me for the rest of my life.

Elisabeth Schuh, Munich: What's your favorite band?

Diana: That is easy to answer. The Beatles, then the Rolling Stones, and then two American bands.

Gertraud Klein, Frerndorf: Are you interested in soccer?

Diana: I don't like soccer. I just can't bear to watch those balls being kicked around.

Petra Arsand, Berlin: If someone asks you a tricky question in an interview, how do you react?

Diana: I had to answer a lot of questions tonight. If the question is difficult to answer, and I really need time to think, I take my time, and you can be sure to get an honest reply.

Ursula Weber, Schweinfurt: When people recognize you on the street, do they call you Diana Rigg or Emma Peel?

Diana: I would like you to call me Diana Rigg. If I'm on the street I'm myself and I think you shouldn't confuse me and my own personality with the character I play at work.

Michael Horn, Wiesbaden: What do you think of the fact that the 'BRAVO' included an almost life-sized poster of you?

Diana: That happened to me for the first time, but I think it's great. It doesn't hurt to be cut into little posters, and it doesn't hurt to be put on a wall, either. I think it's fun, and I hope you like it, too.

Cornelia Heinz, Munich: I'd like to know everything about your poodle, from what you do with him to what he eats.

Diana: I have a white poodle called 'Poopie the Ghost'. He's 10 years old already, but he acts like a puppy - he's so crazy. He gets to eat liver and heart. He only eats once a day and he loves biscuits. I don't get him groomed very often. I like long-haired poodles way better.

Helmust Ammler, Munich: Have you ever had champagne? Do you like it? Have you ever had champagne with beer?

Diana: I like champage and like to drink it any time. If you have taste and like champagne, you know that beer and champagne don't go together. I never drink beer.

Gabriele Siebler, Mainz: Why did you give up your fantastic role as Emma Peel, and what do you think of the new Emma? My whole class (the 7e) told me to tell you to please, please continue to play Emma. Without you, the series is dead to us.

Diana: I've played Emma for more than 2.5 years. I'm an actress, and if I had continued to play that character, I'd have become 'Emma Peel' myself and wouldn't be an actress anymore. I wish my successor good luck. It will be hard for her.

Gisela Schmidt, Braunfeld: How did you get the role in 'The Avengers'?

Diana: I got it after I had been to a screen test a lot of other girls had attended, too. I wasn't set on playing the role, so I was very easy-going when I went to the screen test...and then, I played Emma.

Gisela: Do you like Germany?

Diana: I've been in Munich for 36 hours now, and haven't seen much of the city. Only lots of bells, that you can hear every hour. I've been told that characterizes Munich.

Brigitte Mayer, Munich: Why do you want to go back to doing classical theatre? Did you not like to play Emma?

Diana: I went back to doing theatre because that's how I started. To me, it feels like coming home. For awhile I've been realizing how much I had already forgotten, and now I have to learn it all again, because I want to grow as an actress. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy playing the role of 'Emma Peel'. I had a wonderful time.

Bernd Vomer, Hannover: I wonder if Emma Peel loves like Diana Rigg...!?

Diana: I can say for sure, that that's a 'no'. If you've seen 'The Avengers', you know that Emma Peel never loves. If that were the same for Diana Rigg, I'd be very sad.

Jürgen Fuhrmann, Kassel: What is a typical day like for you?

Diana: When I have to be at work, I have to get up at 6.30 am. Then I go to the studio and usually stay there until 6.30 pm. After that I go out - maybe to the movie theatre. If I don't have to work I get up at 10 am, and then just wait and see what's going to happen. Believe me, I never get bored and always fill my free time with things that make me happy.

Gabriele Dietz, Zorneding: Why are you not telling anyone the name of your future husband?

Diana: I can't tell anyone that name, because there is no man I see as my future husband.

Hannelore Müller, Isernhagen: Are you doing all the dangerous scenes in 'The Avengers' yourself?

Diana: If I can, I do all of them myself. I think it's cheating the audience when you're pretending to have abilities you don't have. It happened that the producers forbid me to do certain scenes, because they were too dangerous. They hired a stunt double for those.

Dagmar Schmitz, Niedersessmar: What was your best experience?

Diana: I don't live in memories. If I had to say that the best moment of my life has been in the past, my life would basically be over.

Roland Schmidt, Regensburg: What kind of car do you drive?

Diana: I drive a Minimog. It's not a luxury car. It's a little Jeep. The engine is very loud, but I had a Rolls-Royce heater built in.

Brigitte Emps, Bissingen: Do you like mini skirts?

Diana: I have many mini skirts and I like to wear them. At the moment I like to exchange them with maxi skirts, though.

Regina Christoph, Munich: Did you like school when you were a kid?

Diana: I don't like schools at all. I find the rules and commands they make you follow terrible.

Cornelia Heinz, Munich: Can you cook?

Diana: I like to cook and I do it often when I'm at home, because you have time to think when you're cooking.

Cornelia: Do you have a recipe for me?

Diana: Yes, I know one you have probably never heard of. You need smoked trout roe, lemon juice, pressed garlic, olive oil and white bread soaked in milk, then you mix all of it - it's delicious.

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