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Diana Loves The Wilderness And Comfort

A white romantic house up in the hills of Ibiza, tastefully arranged rooms - here's where 'Emma' has been living for the last six months.

There's no street that leads up to her hidden house, no telephone cable, not even a power supply line. Thanks to her inventiveness, Diana Rigg doesn't have to live without comfort: A hot bath and ice cold drinks can be organized at any time.

"Diana Rigg? She's hiding in her house in Spain. In Ibiza. You're never going to find it. They don't even have telephones there. Nobody has been there yet, especially no reporters..."

That's what the man in London told me over the phone. And now I was here. At the Airport of Ibiza where my search for Diana Rigg started.

"Diana Rigg? No, Senor!" - "But you do know Emma Peel, the one on TV..." - "Emma Peel? No, Senor!"

I don't know how many of the 50,000 residents of Ibiza gave me that discouraging reply. Anyway, I would never have found Diana, if I hadn't eventually gotten another call from London: "Ok, I'm gonna give you an address. Ask the people there, but you didn't hear that from me. You know, the location of Mrs. Rigg's residence is strictly confidential." The address turned out to be a bar in a little village. Diana is collecting her mail there every other day. And there I also found someone who agreed to take me to Diana's house the next day.

"It's up on a hill, in the middle of the wilderness. About 30 kilometers away from here", I was told. "And how does one get there?" "Either on a donkey, but it would also be possible to use a Jeep. There are no streets!"

The next morning I was standing on Diana's porch and surprised 'Emma' and her boyfriend Philip Saville while they were having breakfast.

"Sorry, to disturb the two of you like this, I would have liked to call before I got here..."

"It's ok", Diana laughed, "now you're here, so come on in. The next phone is 20 kilometers away from here in the village. The next socket and water pipe, too, by the way."

"And you can bear to live here?"

"I've been living here for the whole summer! I'm not missing anything. Come on, I'll show you the house."

And then Diana showed me the ten rooms of her hidden mansion. "From the front yard you can walk into the main room", that's how my guided tour started, "that picture over there, I got from a German painter, who lives here in Ibiza. Here's the fireplace - we light it in the evening and it makes the room very cozy. Right next to the main room, there's the kitchen."

The first thing I noticed was the huge fridge: "But you don't even have electricity here?" I asked. "I don't need it. All you need is petrol and batteries and everything works! Here", she turned around and turned on the faucet, "hot water - without electricity or a water pipe! I have a water tank on my roof, and every 8 days, I get fresh water from the next village. I can take a hot bath at any time of the day."

Diana showed me her bathroom: a 3x5 square metre room, a tiled bathtub and all the comfort you need.

"To the left and right, we have guest rooms. I don't have guests very often. A couple of days ago, George Lazenby - my 'husband' in the James Bond movie - came to visit. He enjoyed spending time here very much!"

From the porch of her house she has a beautiful view of the island and the Mediterranean Sea.

"Isn't the beach far away, Diana?" - "By car it's only a couple of minutes, and I'm at the loveliest, untouched bays with wonderful sandy beaches and cliffs."

Later in the evening Diana invited me on a drive in the Jeep around the Island. We got out of the car and walked along the cliff line where there is nothing but rocks and bushes for miles, and the waves are breaking on the cliffs.

"Do you understand why I neither need a phone nor a TV here?", Diana asked me.

I understood.

In the evening we sat in front of the fireplace, ate raisins and almonds and drank red wine that had matured on Diana's estate. 'Perra', an Egyptian hound was lying in front of the fireplace, too.

"She just showed up at my house. One morning she was standing in front of my bed. I had dreamed something about a big fish, and as I was waking up, I realized that something wet and cold had touched me. That was Perra's cold nose. Since then she's staying with me. She's a wonderful and affectionate dog and she never barks. I called her Perra, because it's the Spanish word for 'female dog'. In the meantime I found out who the owner is, but he said she can stay with me until I leave the island. Unfortunately, I can't take her to London with me."

"Are you looking forward to going back to London, Diana?"

"It's going to be hard for me to get used to civilization. I really got used to the free life here, but I will come back to 'my wilderness'. Many people think I'm crazy for keeping the location of my house a secret, but with everything my job entails, I like to have this piece of land all to myself. I'll have the usual turbulences as soon as I go back to England. Then there's the premiere of the James Bond movie, and I'm very anxious to see if it will be successful. I think it will be, but who knows if I'll be accepted as the wife of James Bond? The success of the role will determine whether I'll be able to do films in that genre in the future or not. I definitely want to continue to be versatile: I'd like to play classical as well as modern roles. I'd like to do theatre as well as movies, and first and foremost I want to keep my private life to myself, and that is easiest here, in this house. Isn't it a paradise?"

It is, Diana, and thank you very much for letting me see it!

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