06 November 1982: Daily Express

Duck! Emma is back in business

Diana Rigg is returning to the television screen as her most famous character - the leather-clad merry widow Emma Peel.

Channel 4 have bought the classic "Avengers" series of the 'sixties in which she starred as the sophisticated judo expert and heroine opposite Patrick Macnee, the dandified secret service agent Steed complete with bowler hat and cane.

The first hour-long episode will be shown on Channel 4 tonight at 12:30.

Diana, a slender, tall beauty, was a mere 26 when she won the role that was to turn her into a household name. Until then, she had spent five years with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

But she certainly knew how to fight. Any male who got in her way was tossed to the ground as if she were brushing an insect from her cane.

Diana looks back on the Avengers series with "treasured memories."

At her London home she said: "It brought me to the attentionof the non-theatre public. It literally catapulted me on to the television screen and made me a familiar face."

Even now she still recieves fan letters from wherever in the world the series is shown.

Diana has just finished making "Witness for the Prosecution" for CBS Television with Ralph Richardson and Deborah Kerr, and next March she returns to the London stage in "Heartbreak House" starring opposite Rex Harrison.

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