21 October 2005: Daily Mail

The Spy Who Dame Diana Loves

Critics have dismissed him as a bland, blond Bond, but Daniel Craig has found a supporter in the form of Dame Diana Rigg, the only Bond girl to have taken the spy's hand in marriage. Dame Diana insists the man with the golden hair's appointment will provide the 007 franchise with some welcome grit.

Speaking at an International Care and Relief reception to raise funds for deprived children in East Africa, the evergreen former star of 1969's George Lazenby outing On Her Majesty's Secret Service tells me: 'They've gone against the grain with Daniel and I imagine all those sourpuss critics will be proved wrong; he's a fantastic choice. He can do dangerous and rugged.

'Anyway,' she adds with a mischevious glint in her eye, 'I'm sure Roger (Moore) was a natural blond.'

Asked if she would like to return to the series alongside Daniel Craig, the 67-year-old Dame says: 'I don't think so. My character was killed... and I'm a little too old to be a Bond girl.'

Nonsense, Dame Diana - diamonds are forever, after all!

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