13 March 1969: Daily Sketch

Miss Rigg, being candid at the truth game...

When I turned up to meet Diana Rigg she was bent over the table busily writing, in a cascade of gorgeous chestnut hair. She looked up smiling, biting the tip of her pretty tongue.

Very much the schoolgirl. Not a touch of make-up - not even a brush of mascara or a touch of lipstick.

She folded the note and said with mischief: "I was writing about you - playing a game."

Now, while I have a healthy respect for the sort of Avenger games that Diana used to play with old Steed, I'm all for indoor fun - especially with someone as beautiful as Miss Rigg.

Come on, I said, give me a look.

She gave me a big grin and handed over the note. She had written:

F. asks: You are currently working on a Bond film - what reasons other than money made you choose it?

D. (thinks) Inevitable - money - always money - got to be polite here (don't feel like it) but answer: "The Challenge."

Diana laughed. "Don't look so puzzled. I was just working out the double standards. One is asked a question - thinks of an immediate answer and then gives the diplomatic reply."

I nodded. I was right in the game. "Like I ask you how's your home life and you thinks that I'm thinking how to bring up the subject of living in sin."

She threw back her head and laughed with all her teeth.

"But there's no need for games. Okay. So why did I quit TV? Simple.

"Emma was destroying me. She dominated me. I woke up in the morning looking at the Avenger bird in the mirror. It was a sort of looking glass war.


But what?

"I don't really know. I was a Shakespearean actress and immediately after TV I ducked back into Peter Brooks' 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and then into films.

"I've made two big movies - 'The Assassination Bureau' and 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', where I play James Bond's wife.

"Ill-fated, I'm afraid... for Bond is filmland's Bonded warehouse and such a property can't land up with a wife.

"Am I wasting my talents? A ridiculous question. I don't know. How many parts are there in movies for women?

"But one needs a vehicle and I think Bond gives fair motoring.

"You need other people to say it - the IT bit about how good you look. How sexy you look.

"You know, I've been an actress for ages... sweeping in and out at the Royal Shakespeare. I just had to do something else.

"Now there's just me. Slightly famous with people, through you asking questions: 'When will she marry? When will she have a baby?'

"Marriage is not my bag. Women are individuals - not creatures who've got to be side by side with men all the seconds of the minute.

"But, and yet, I feel all the poetry of love and children... I just wish I had other thoughts behind the words. I wish life was a game.

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