29 April 1966: Eventing Standard

What's The Point?

"I'm not in the least hardheaded businesswise," said Miss Diana Rigg, who is shortly to return to the Royal Shakespeare Company after six memorable months as Emma Peel, the Avenger, "but I'm very hardheaded emotionally."

Marriage is redundant as far as my age group is concerned. What's the point in making the man I love stand up and repeat a load of marriage vows that have time and time again been proved to be very easy to break?

"I'm very happy because I am in love, but the idea of getting married and having lots of children appalls me. I don't want to marry, and if I was going to have a child, I'd like to just go off to a Greek island and have it."

Miss Rigg, at 27, was not wearing her trouser suit because she is suffering from what she thinks is lumbago, and looked about as tough as strawberry ice-cream.

But she admits: "The Avengers has made me think more about money in that while I was with the Royal Shakespeare one felt that they needed subsidising, while in a TV series like this, the profit margin is so big I don't see why I shouldn't have my cut."

Her father is a works manager ("we were affluent once, now, not so"), she likes art galleries, concerts, Edna O'Brien and Henry James: "any kind of reading, in fact."

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