06 October 1998: The Herald

Diana Rigg

Dame Diana Rigg yesterday stepped into a role she will play for 10 years - chancellor of Stirling University.

The 60-year-old actress became only the fourth chancellor in the university's 31-year history.

The installation took place at Stirling's 15th Century Church of the Holy Rude, and afterwards an hour-long peal of bells was sounded in honour of the former Emma Peel, her role in The Avengers.

She said: "The university is a mini-cosmos, the most important thing being the people in it - the teachers and the taught. When I give future graduates their degrees I'd wish them to have a proper pride in their achievement, and a sense of their potential. A degree is but a springboard to a wider world."

Dame Diana then performed her first duty - the conferment of honorary degrees on Lady Marion Fraser, chair of the Scottish Association of Mental Health, and Sir Aaron Klug, 1991 winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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