December 1966: Photo Screen

What Anne & Diana Learned From Sean

Bang, bang - they're alive! And Bonded for action. Yes, the girls have cashed in on James Bond know-how - and it's paying off. Female detectives are winning the battle against crime and TV ratings. Anne Francis, in the title role of Honey West and Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel in The Avengers, always get their man. Well, would you believe - almost always?

There fearless feminine foes of injustice stop the show with their crime-stopping tactics. They use everything from sex to to sideswipes to make sure the bad guy will be bad no longer. In her adventures, Honey has come to expect the unexpected so she stays in command of the situation by always carrying a grappling hook in her purse. Emma Peel remains undaunted, exploring toture chambers and dungeons - wearing her little catsuit. And both gals have proven themselves experts in the art of karate...

Do these two attractive stars ever regret trading lamb chops for judo chops? "I love every minute of the show," smiles Anne Francis. Although she has made many pictures, there's a special reason for her smile these days. As a result of Anne's appearance in Honey West. European critics voted her the coveted Golden Globe Awards as the Best American Actress. That's not all. She was nominated last year for an Emmy as a result of her Honeyof a performance...

"Nobody wanted to give me a chance in television; they all said I was too tall," declares 5'8 Diana Rigg. The British born lass did well in her native land, appearing with the sedate Stratford Shakespeare Repertory Company. Then came Emma Peel, a role ideally suited to the talented, willowy actress...

Sean Connery waited a long time for fame to come his way. Suddenly he found it, cast as a sexy secret agent. Anne and Diana have also had the thrill of discovering that success may just be a crime away - if you play your sex right.

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