13 December 2006: Daily Record

My Fave Five Things

The Arches: When I was student in Edinburgh, I used to go through to Glasgow all the time because The Arches was brilliant. The city always seemed to attract the best DJs and I'm sure that it still does.

Shakespeare: I'd like to do more of the classics. I want to be challenged by the language of William Shakespeare. I never get tired of it. The more you get with it the more you can make it real and come alive.

Shirley Henderson: I think she's brilliant. She was simply the best thing about Charles II recently on TV. She's got three films out just now too, and I'm going to try to catch them.

Football: I play football for an all-girl team called Frisky Town in London's Ladbroke Grove. I like hanging out with my girls. We're a group of friends who play against women journalists and lawyers.

Silk Cut: I'm a smoker. What can I say?

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