24 February 2006: Evening Standard


Actress Rachael Stirling, 28, is the daughter of Diana Rigg and lives in West London. Next month she is starring in the TV drama Riot at the Rite on BBC Two

In my makeup bag you'll find: L'Oreal Paris Longitude mascara, Pounds 7.99, Stila Brow Shadow in dark brown, Pounds 12.50 (0870 034 2566), MAC blusher in Dame, Pounds 13 (020 7534 9222), and Clinique Superfit foundation, Pounds 17.50 (0870 034 2566).

My daily beauty routine is: Simple cleanser, Pounds 3.99, and moisturiser, Pounds 4.85 (0121 327 4750), and Clarins SPF 30 suncream, Pounds 14.50 (0800 036 3558).

My newest beauty discovery is: Crabtree Evelyn nail and cuticle therapy, Pounds 6.95 (020 7361 0499). I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, but the other day someone told me I had lovely hands.

I shop for products at: Airports. The more time waiting to board the plane the better.

My favourite online beauty store is: I'm ashamed to say I have never shopped online. I am allergic to technology.

I protect my skin and hair in the sun with: Clarins products and a hat.

I can't live without: Tweezerman tweezers, Pounds 16 (020 7237 1007).

My view on plastic surgery is :If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I never fly without: L'Occitane towelettes, Pounds 4 (020 7907 0301), Carmex lip balm, Pounds 2.25 (01827 280 080), Nelsons evening primrose cream for dry, tired skin, Pounds 3.95 ( and a huge bottle of water.

I get pampered at: Una Brennan (020 7313 9835). Her treatment room is better than any spa.

My favourite treatment is: Una's facial. It's an hour and a half of joy.

I get my hair done at: Neville on Pont Street (020 7235 3654). Christian cuts it and Sheniz does my colour.

My signature scent is: Eternity by Calvin Klein, Pounds 23.50 (020 7361 4400).

My best beauty tip is: Laugh as much and as often as you can. And sleep a lot.

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