07 June 1970: Sunday Express

Great Quailer

"I'm a bit short on endearments," Diana Rigg said. "I find it slightly suspect when people talk in a very facile way about how they feel. I believe in the spontaneous gesture; in showing love, not talking endlessly about it."

She's a tall lass, Diana. And, if you're easily quailed, a great quailer. But once you break down that calm hockey-captain stare of hers, she's really rather cosy.

She practises what she preaches, too. When she and Pat Macneewere filming The Avengers, they'd quite often have a quick cuddle, apparently - "because it was just the two of us against all those other ogres on the set."

She thinks a little like a man.

For instance, although she's been in love with director Phillip Saville for over six years, she can't for the life of her remember when they actually met. No red ring in the diary, nothing like that. It just doesn't seem important to her.

Just now she's popping up all over the place.

She's starring in Abelard and Heloise at the Wyndham's Theatre, and she's in the film Julius Caesar which just opened, and last night there she was on television inMarried Alive.

She likes people to be honest with her. "I hate all that 'Darling, you look lovely' stuff on first nights," she said. "I'd much rather somebody said: 'I didn't like it and I didn't like you, and you didn't look lovely at all.' Then I know they are speaking the truth and we can go out and have a drink and forget about it."

Did she find that her looks of cool hauteur sometimes proved a drawback?

"Only to some," she said. "I'll have you know I was once picked up on Fifth Avenue in New York by an extremely rich gentleman in a camel-hair coat. I was on my way to what promised to be an extremely boring lunch and I realised he'd no idea who I was. So I thought to myself: 'why not?' And we went and had a drink and it turned out to be quite lovely and then we said goodbye..."

She laughed softly.

"You've got to allow things to happen in life," she said.

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